Travel to far-flung destinations can be daunting at the best of times – even without unnerving headlines dominating the news! But feeling relaxed and confident about your trip is the key to enjoying it. Hopefully the following will assure you that you are in experienced and safe hands with Albatross

Safety Question

Customer and staff safety is the single most important factor in everything that Albatross does. We think about the safety of our tours constantly, and have extremely experienced Operations teams who know intimately every part of the country in which we operate. We monitor and assess the threats of operating in every moment as an integral part of our work.

Sometimes tough decisions have to be made to abort a tour at the last minute or to re-route an itinerary part way through. Occasionally we will leave a region based on our own feedback from local guide on the ground. We make no apologies for this – safety always has and always will come first.

1) Where tours are cancelled prior to departure Albatross will offer the choice of a refund of all monies paid or an alternative tour. Where an alternative tour is taken, any price difference will then be paid by, or refunded to, the customer as appropriate.

2) Where tours are already operating, Albatross may terminate, re-route or make other changes. The decision will be made in the light of safety and organizational/logistical considerations. Where a tour is terminated in mid operation by Albatross, we will refund such monies which relate to those parts of the tour that have not been delivered where we are able to obtain refunds from the supplier(s) concerned. Where trips have been re-routed or otherwise changes and it may reasonably be argued that the essential travel experience offered on that tour has been provided then no refunds will apply.

Any decision by Albatross whether to operate or cancel a tour or make other changes will always be made in the interests of safety and security

Be ready  

Whilst we endeavor to provide as much information as possible in our individual Trip Notes regarding the areas our tours travel to, we would always recommend that you undertake some background research about the places you will be visiting and the type of climate and local conditions you can expect in order to get the most out of your holiday.