Pandemic & Bangladesh Tour Operators

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Pandemic & Bangladesh Tour Operators

Pandemic & Bangladesh Tour Operators

Let us fight together, Victory is our

People’s awareness might hold back the rein of Covid-19 to save people’s life until the vaccine is not being produced.

Above tips not from an expert.
Those tips from a layman, who has acquired awareness through listening to radio, watching TV programs and reading articles, news and mobile’s messages about how is to combat the Corona virus.

So be aware——-

Corona has sucked up the rest of blood of Bangladesh skinny Tour Operators

Passions lead us to wrong way, so we have to be practical. More study and research will help us to produce a vaccine and for that certainly we have to depend on science. Passions and rituals will let us die with a sense of satisfaction but will not save human lineage on the earth, so we have to proceed with a pragmatic thought along with abide by experts and veteran physicians’ guideline to stop death rally around the world. Physical immunity is main fighter against corona at this moment, because there is no right medicine for Corona infected patient till to day. All the present prevailing situations have created a sense of helplessness for mankind. If devastating effect of Corona prevail for long run on the earth then mankind has fallen into a severe crisis that means a catastrophe, which was not being happened before in the world.

As days pass pandemic’s adverse impacts on human mind becoming clear – if this pandemic is prolonged, people will not be killed only by virus but also famine will kill many people in the poor countries around the world. Perhaps pandemic crisis will be over at one time, but a deep crisis will leave for mankind, if it is over soon then there might be a recovering’s possibility from this crisis. Corona pandemic’s prolongation on the earth might be a cause of confronting an unpredictable crisis for human being. Devastating impact of economic recession will be cardinal crisis for the world, which will evolve new dimensional mental and social crisis; again sharp cold war might erupt among the super power countries. Increasing of local crime by the effect of Corona can create unrest situation in the society. Consequences of Corona’s impact on socioeconomic system will bring an unexpected changes in the society and family. Instant impact of Corona has exposed the point of helplessness of mankind and medical management weakness of all-state of the world, whatever poorest or richest. Another is family crisis, in which crime against women and children is rising and whose effect is shattering humanitarian outlook of the society. What will be long term impact? We can assume few scary impacts but can’t be spoken in advance all at this early stage.  Just now I am also feeling suffocation, while thinking about possible upcoming crisis.

I have tried to portray personal feelings of my ‘fear and fight’ about Corona in the above paras.

Corona has sucked up the rest of blood of Bangladesh skinny Tour Operators. Tourism is one of the main blood flowing sector of economy of almost, all country of the world. But, after being a bright possibility of the Bangladesh tourism sector, it could not stand yet as one of the strong contributor to GDP of our country like others country due to lack of effective and tourism friendly policy of the government. Though tourism sector of Bangladesh is being marked as industry, but effect of present global and local political issues has been converting our tourism industry into a handicapped sector gradually and at this moment it has come up to the verge of havoc. Now nothing survived here, which might designate this sector as a real industry. We, tour operators has been crawling on our own effort till today.  Despite being frustration and agony we are keeping up our fight amid of all adverse situations. Our handicapped tourism sector had become crutch dependent since after 23 July, 2016’s attack of religious terrorist on Holy Artisan restaurant. Latest Corona issue has laid us into a coffin and present situation is hammering the last nail of the coffin.

This severely sick sector needs effective medicine and intensive care to keep alive, which we expect from our government at this moment. Our all tour operators of Bangladesh has lost their all means of saving their existence, so  government and authority should come forward immediately with appropriate plan and program to keep us alive. Tourism is most affected sector than other sectors around the world due to the present Corona Pandemic’s rampage.  Now urgently we need minimum amount of cash aid to carry on expenditures for next 12 months, which includes: office rent, staff salary, utility bill etc. Which we will not be able to afford it amid of this impasse time. It seems to be that there is no possibility of reactivating our business before September, 2021. Gross effect of pandemic, global religious terrorism and local destructive politics pulled us down many years back which might take many more years to restore earlier position, therefore now we are appealing to our Honorable Prime Minister for an especial allocation of cash aid, at least which will help the Tour Operators for sustaining their on going survival struggle. This is a potential economic sector which might contribute up to 15 % to the GDP of the country, if you take a look at us through your visions 41 and if you consider priority of tourism in your annual fiscal plan, in which only a befitting plan based program and its effective Implementation policy will be required.

Now financial crisis is much more panic to us than Corona pandemic.

Jahangir Hossain


Albatross Tours

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