When tours visit remote areas or developing countries we normally recommend immunization against typhoid, tetanus, and hepatitis A. Parts of East Africa and South

We stress that the following information is intended for quick reference only. A summary of the requirements is listed here.

YES, visa required.
Immunization/protection normally recommended.  Protection recommended for travel to some areas – please check with your health care provider. A valid International Certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever required only if coming from countries with risk of yellow fever transmission. Meningitis. Immunization may be recommended depending on area visited and time of year. Diphtheria. Immunisation recommended in some circumstances, seek medical advice.

For more information on the subject of vaccinations and health protection, check your individual Trip Notes or consult your booking agent.


Please note that some inoculation programmes require two injections, administered four weeks apart. You should leave plenty of time for this. As a general rule, please note that health requirements and recommendations may change and you must check the current requirements in good time before departure. Please check vaccination requirements with a General Physician or Vaccination Centre at least two months before travelling.