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Half Day City Tours & Half Day Dhamrai Excursions

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Tourist Van      Meals Guide
  • An A/C car (car size will vary as per group size) for pick up, drop and sightseeing
  • One 1.5 liter bottle water
  • Once light snacks
  • All entry fees
  • Sightseeing as per itinerary
  • An English speaking guide and driver will being with you as long sightseeing is on

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  • • Everything except above inclusions

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Thousands year old Brass Crafts

1. About 350 years old Moghul fort ‘Lalbag Kellah'. 2. A Hindus’ temple of 11th centuries AD, ‘Dhakeshawry temple’. 3. An over hundreds year old buildings of Dhaka University ‘Curzon Hall’. 4. A memorial has been erected to commemorate the language movement martyrs, ‘Shahid Meenar’. 5. A Museum dedicated to liberation movement and war, Liberation War Museum'. 6. National Memorial has been erected to commemorate liberation war martyrs,'Jatyo Smriti Saudho'. 7. A metal craft village, where has been still existing a thousands year old traditional Brass Works.



Minimum 01 and Maximum 06 persons travel together, dedicated tour guides throughout

Starting Point

Client will assign get on and get off point to initiate sightseeing. (But it must be within Dhaka metropolitan area and car accessible street)


Beyond Dhaka's Legacy

What to Expect

This fast-paced, guided tour included lane-labyrinth where you have to go through hustling-bustling crowd. Have to be proceeding on foot for a bit long sightseeing.

Beyond Dhaka's Legacy

Dhaka City MapEarly urbanization of Dhaka started on the Northern bank of Buringanga River from Buddhist period, since 7th centuries AD. Since then this city grown up as a mega city of today through a long struggle. we find the fate of this city sometimes as an important trading center or as a capital. Dhaka’s that past unstable status now firmly stable as the capital of independent Bangladesh. Present modern mega city of Bangladesh, Dhaka is heading off to its future with above 400 years of legacy.

Greater Dhaka flourish as an important trading center in the South Asia for its' deep artistic root in sculpture, crafts and architecture as well as in Conch shell Jewelry, Gold and Silver Jewelry, Pottery, Stone Carving, several metal works... especially the ones which are made by the Brass metal craftsmen— are exotic in nature. This 5000 year old brass crafts "Lost Wax Work" is still surviving in the Dhamrai Bazar as well as ancient architectural remnant and surviving architecture of all historical periods are witness of glorious past of this country.



First Book the Tour and then tell us, where from and when Guide will pick you up to start the sightseeing.

After breakfast (within 8 o’clock in the morning) guide will pick you up from the pre-assigned place. Since then city sightseeing start.


1st site of the Day, LALBAG KELLAH which is an about 400 years old incomplete Mughal Fort. Son of emperor Arungojabe, prince Muhammed Azam was third viceroy of Dhaka for 15 months, Viceroy felt then the necessity of building a fortresses residence for the viceroy of Suba-Bangla.To implement prince plan, in the 1678 AD he start fort construction on the bank of the Buriganga River.


2nd site of the day, DAKESHWARI TEMPLE Dhakeshwari is not only a single temple but a complex of temples and there are five more Shiva temples in this premises. Those Shiva temples have a character in design of Arkans Pegoda . Few historians believe those temples were founded in the 11 th centuries AD. Their time of temples building might have been assessed by the temple related myths.


3rd site of the day, KENDRIO SHAHEED MINAR is a memorial has been erected to commemorate martyrs of language movement of 1952. which known as Kendrio Shahid Meenar. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4th site of the day, CURZON HALL British Raj had adopted partly of Mughal's people welfare policy in order to rule India. Adoption of Mughal legacy in the rules of British Raj had been created a new trend in architecture, which was then revealed in fusion design of European and Mughal architectures. Such fusion's influence is presence in design of many British buildings of that time in the subcontinent. Same type of architectural design is seen in 'Curzon Hall's building. Drive toward South of Curzon Hall for river cruise


5th site of the day, LIBERATION WAR MUSEUM will be visiting, where liberation movements and war related artifacts, document and pictures have been housed. This Museum tells you a tale about 'the valor, saga, long path of bloody movement and 9 months long devastating war of Bangali nation.

Nation achieved an independent country through sacrificing millions life in the liberation war of 1971, to conclude a long time movement against discrimination, suppression, torture, conspiracy and brutal autocracy. At the end of the Liberation War Museum's visit you will be moving to see the next site


6th site of the day, JATIYO SMRITI SAUDHO National Martyrs Memorial of Bangladesh, has been erected in the memory of liberation fighters who died in the liberation war of 1971. This memorial located at Savar which is 35 kms away from Dhaka city. People from all works of life of the country pay homage toward martyrs on 16 December of Every year.


7th site of the day, DHAMRAI METAL CRAFT VILLAGE 45 kms East from Dhaka city is Dhamrai Bazar, where few families still working to keep alive a craft of 5 thousand years old. They have been doing brass crafting work in an ancient form which popularly known as Lost Wax Technic.


After city sightseeing, tour-guide will drop you at the same point from where you have been picked up.


Meals Plan  no foods included except once light snacks


Things to carry:

  1. Raincoat / umbrella
  2. Snicker shoes for walking
  3. Hat / Cap for Sun protection
  4. Sun-burn lotion
  5. Camera & SD Cards



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