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World knows Bangladesh as a young independent state and as a citizen of this state we are proud for being lineage of the great ancient civilization of the country. Traditions, heritages and vestige of civilizations of this state yet to be explored. In spite of being a small country, Bangladesh has a great diversification in nature, which been enriched with glorious past, vibrant historical events and ancient civilizations, affluent culture and tradition. -Its rare species wildlife, world largest mangrove forest, rain forest, tropical forest, world longest sandy beach, amazing setting of tea states, illusionist three hill districts, lake and rivers will make your travel experiences a memorable one. This small and young country is marked by tourists as a hidden James after complete their visit.

As Bangladesh has a deep artistic root influenced by the Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim religions, religious sculpture, crafts and architecture — especially the ones which are made by the metal craftsmen— are exotic in nature as well as passionate in its diverse usage. This 5000 year old tradition is still surviving here as well as ancient architectural remnant and surviving architecture of all historical periods are witness of glorious past of the country.

Almost all big cities tour is interesting, but it’s huge populations and incredible chaotic traffic might be cause of disappointment at the beginning of your tour. Disappointed inception immediate real feel would be rather a new experiences. You have to arrive at any of big cities to initiate a tour in Bangladesh. When you are out of big cities, moving through countryside and have a night halt in small town, then you might want to stay in Bangladesh few more days out of your itinerary. All the discernible wonders and spectaculars you will be seeing here during your tour, will keep alive those image in your memory for long-times. Any tour in Bangladesh would be listed in your tours ledger as a fantasy journey.

Mesmerizing beauty of the riverine Bangladesh and million smiling faces are inviting you here to write an especial trip note, which have never been written before………………………………………………………..

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